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Thursday 22 May 2008

Laying Tables

That is better,I was losing the compositional shapes,I have added a couple under the billowing tablecloth.Making sure to keep it a similar tone to the background,so as to keep that negative shape that looks like a Picassoesque Dog's head!

"A painting is never finished only abandoned" I am leaving it loose, more loose than I
normally do.


eliza ollin said...

Aldo, I love this, the addition of the couple is so clever!

(what are they doing though, with the table cloths, folding them? Because the tables are already set...or are you just messing with us? :)

aldo said...


I don't know why they had paper covers underneath he was laying a cloth over the top!!

Sophie said...

Brilliant subject matter, Aldo - this is stunning! Very loose and very crisp. The light is beautiful.

Unknown said...

I love the contrast of the deep reds and darks against the whites.

J. C. said...

You are the true master with your use of white, I am so scared to use it but you do it so that it looks very easy (which is not of course). I think that the highest level of art is to make an illusion of easiness and simplicity.