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Aldo Auto Portrait

Monday 1 December 2008

Megan and Jamie McGurk

I have been currently working on a number of portraits recently.
A few weeks back I started sittings with Megan and Jamie,in their home in
the U.K. starting with studies in oil of both of them and then on to finish
them in my studio here,in France.One of the things that struck me about
them was their "closeness" and I really wanted to try and capture it ,
without being overly sweet.

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Sally said...

this double portrait is really captivating Aldo. Great job. you've captured their 'closeness' i would say...I'm sure their parents will love it!
I just got back from a portrait festival in Toronto, where i was able to observe some pros painting.check out my blog: http://painterchum.wordpress.com