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Aldo Auto Portrait

Friday 17 July 2009

portrait of Edmund 30 x 28 "

This is the latest stage of my commission of Edmund after tweaking with the background a
little more. I was concerned in finding interesting shapes in the composition so it worked as an abstract design.


Sophie said...

That's beautiful Aldo. I like the muted tones in the background shapes and the repeat of the chair on the diagonal line. Are you working on a study in the first photo? Do you always make some oil sketches first?
Gorgeous work as always.

aldo said...

Thankyou Sophie . Yes I did a 2 hour study , for accurate skin tones ,tonal values and edges. Also, I get to know him a bit.I can use that if I want to make him appearthoughtful ,shy , extrovert etc
I always do a colour sketch , there
has been a couple of exceptions with younger kids.